About Adam Khimji

Adam Khimji has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13 when he first started his YouTube channel, which would later become a multi-channel content network (MCN) generating millions of views, and having dozens of users producing content daily. This immersed him in the world of marketing and since then has developed exceptional skills in video production, video editing, photography, graphic design, website development, search engine optimization, social media optimization, brand management, and countless more.

About Khimji Marketing

Founded from the realization that small and mid-sized businesses were underutilizing the full potential of digital marketing. Khimji Marketing is a full-service creative marketing agency. Founded by millennials with vast knowledge of traditional and new-age media, website development, integrated marketing, brand management, influencer marketing, native mobile app development, and social media management, and that’s just a handful of the things we do.

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